Nulon 100% Synthetic Auto Trans Fluid (3 x 4L)


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Nulon Full Synthetic Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid (SYNATF) is formulated with full synthetic base fluids and advanced additive technology to enhance fluid performance, wear protection and transmission durability. The fully synthetic formulation has improved oxidation stability, shear stability and friction durability to enhance transmission shift performance.

SYNATF uses a unique friction modifier technology to give excellent anti-shudder performance with high torque capacity. It has passed extensive performance testing and vehicle testing for American, European, and Asian vehicles. It is suitable for use in Asia Pacific OEM automatic transmissions such as Toyota and Honda.

  •  3 x 4L Bottles Per Box
  • Excellent oxidation resistance and improved cleanliness for long life and fluid durability
  • Superior anti wear performance to protect the transmission
  • Improved sludge and varnish control
  • Excellent low temperature and anti-shudder properties for better shift feel and drivability
  • Fortified anti corrosion properties for transmission component durability
  • Enhanced foam inhibition to prevent wear caused by oil aeration or foaming
  • Improved seal protection
  • Minimal friction changes with increasing temperature
  • Better torque capacity
  • Expanded anti-shudder properties for better driving experience
  • Outstanding friction durability performance over wide temperature