Boske Motorsports is proud to announce the addition of selected NULON oils & additives to compliment our extensive product range. While opinions on lubricants are a bit like LS engines (nearly everybody’s got one), we’ve worked closely with the team at NULON to find the ‘best fit’ to suit our customers needs.

Now stocking a range of both Synthetic and Mineral based engine oils & transmission fluids, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got old school muscle, a modern day hi-tech ride or a full blown race car because we’ve got the right lube to suit your application. And for those chasing a higher octane rating for their pump fuel based motors, we also now have NULON’s Pro Strength Octane Booster off the shelf which can boost standard unleaded fuel octane by up to 7 Ron (70 points).

The lines we currently stock include:

25W-60 Street & Track Engine Oil
10W-60 Full Synthetic Racing Oil

Premium MIneral Transmission Fluid
100% Synthetic Auto Transmission Fluid

Pro Strength Octane Booster